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Switch - Turn Signal - Fixed Column - Repro ~ 1970 - 1972 Mercury Cougar / 1970 - 1972 Ford Mustang

Switch - Turn Signal - Fixed Column - Repro ~ 1970 - 1972 Mercury Cougar / 1970 - 1972 Ford Mustang - 41734
Switch - Turn Signal - Fixed Column - Repro ~ 1970 - 1972 Mercury Cougar / 1970 - 1972 Ford Mustang - 41734

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Item #: 41734
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Price: $135.85

    New Turn Signal Switch  Fixed Steering Column 1970, 1971, and 1972 Mercury Cougar and Ford Mustang

    Reproduction turn signal switch for the fixed column in the Mercury Cougar or Ford Mustang. We have not had very much good feedback on this unit. If you have a 1971 or 72, we suggest that you purchase our good used switch which you can get right here. Our turn signal switches are made by the original supplier to Ford from the original tooling. If you have replaced your sequential unit in the trunk with one of our new solid state sequential units and are still having problems then the turn signal switch is most likely the culprit as the only other part to the system is the wiring harness itself. Often when your brake lights are not working the turn signal switch is the culprit as the brake lights feed through the turn signal switch.

    This switch also fits the 1970-1972 Ford Crown Victoria / Ford Full Size / LTD / Mercury / Full Size / Grand Marquis / Marquis / 1970-1971 Ford Fairlane / Torino / Ranchero / Cobra / Cyclone / Montego / All 1970-1972 Ford Maverick (With Locking Steering Wheel)

    Replaces Ford casting #s D0AA-13B302-J,-L; D1AA-13B302-AA,-AB,-AC,-CB; D2AA-13B302-AA,-AB; D0ZA-13B302-C; D2ZA-13B302AA,-AB.

    *NOTE* Need help diagnosing a Cougar turn signal problem? Victor Yarberry is the world’s most knowledgeable expert on the subject. Vic has owned Cougars since the 1970's and is the designer of all of our solid state sequential systems. There is no question he cannot answer! Here is a link to a great source of information on the subject.

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    Why is the door buzzer, buzzing even when the key is removed now???

    I had a broken turn signal switch. I bought this replacement. Now 2 years later I get my car on the road and I notice that when the door is open, the door buzzer, buzzes. Removing the key used to silence the buzzer. So to keep it short, the issue was the turn switch. Well kinda.

    Part of the turn signal switch is a wire that connects to the ignition switch (to detect the key). That wire is held in place by a white plastic piece that fits inside a little pocket in the steering column.

    Look at the contact that is supposed to touch the ignition switch. If it gets bent via shipping or mishandling, it can touch the steering column pocket instead of the ignition switch. Since the steering column is grounded it acts like the key is present even when it isn't. Simply bend the contact back to the center of the pocket and you should be good to go.

    Good Luck,


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