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Dash Overlay Repair Kit - New ~ 1969 - 1970 Mercury Cougar


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Price: $118.85

    New Dash Overlay Repair Kit for the 1969 and 1970 Mercury Cougar

    This actually is a pretty impressive part once installed if your expectations are not overly high. It fits snug (very tight) over your existing cracked dash and you affix it by putting silicone around the perimeter. Once in place the obvious indicators of it not being original are the lack of simulated stitching on the leading edge and the larger perforations for the center speaker. The good thing about this unit is that your dash pad can have large chunks missing and it still will work! You can install this without removing the dash, great for the daily driver that you do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on or take the time to R&R the dash. If you are looking make your car "really" sharp this is not the way to go. In the end it looks like what it is, a plastic cover. Made of durable plastic with correct texture. This dash can be painted, we recommend SEM brand plastic and vinyl paint.

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    ok product

    exactly how the first review says half my dash was gone and it made it look complete. not too very good if you are going to enter the vehivcle in competitions, the edgings actually towards the front view isnt too snug you can see the gaps between your dash and this cover. the edging that is most visible is by the gauge and the passanger map bezel. the material is a hard plastic nothing compared to the original. if you are in a tight budget and want to make your dash cover look better this is the way to go if not i would recommend something closer to the original dash not a repro.


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