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Retainer - Moulding / Trim - Drip Rail - Vinyl Top - Used ~ 1967 - 1968 Mercury Cougar

Retainer - Moulding / Trim - Drip Rail - Vinyl Top - Used ~ 1967 - 1968 Mercury Cougar - 19179
Retainer - Moulding / Trim - Drip Rail - Vinyl Top - Used ~ 1967 - 1968 Mercury Cougar - 19179
Retainer - Moulding / Trim - Drip Rail - Vinyl Top - Used ~ 1967 - 1968 Mercury Cougar - 19179
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Item #: 19179
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    This stainless retainer strip measures approximately 67" long and is 3/8" wide. The relief cuts face the drip rail. These were used only on vinyl top equipped Cougars. Most of these original stainless steel strips are ruined in the removal process and the installer then does one of two things. First they fill the drip rail gutter with silicone or two, they try to tuck the vinyl under the drip rail moulding and then proceed to ruin the drip rail moulding by hammering it in place. These strips are sold separately and two are required per car. We tape them into a loop and place them in a cardboard box for safe shipping. Note that these strips are never "mint" as they all got a couple little kinks in them during the original installation process at the factory. The MPC shows that before 4/3/67 these strips were aluminum, (part # C5AZ-6353729-A), and after 4/3/67, (part # C7ZZ-6553729-A) the stainless version was used. These trims are called out by another part number on page 43 of the 1968 Interior Assembly Manual as C8ZB-6553728 RETAINER - ROOF OUTSIDE COVER SIDE. A Ford Technical Service Bulletin dated November 24, 1967 states that these drip rail retainers sometimes have a loose fit, due to variations in the assembly of the roof drip rail a loose. This is why a pop rivet was installed in most 1968 retainers.

    This picture above shows the rivet locations on a 1968 San Jose built Cougar.  We have consistently found one or two rivets (as shown) on the "C" pillar end of the retainer.  Some San Jose built Cougars also have a single rivet near the base of the "A" pillar as well.  We have not found these rivets on 1967 Cougars with this style of stainless retainer nor have we found them in 1968 Dearborn built Cougars.  We sell the strips with small holes at a substantial discount over those that have never had rivet holes drilled in them.  Dearborn built cars are identified by a "F" in the second digit of the vin number and San Jose built Cougars can be identified by a "R" in the second digit of the vin.

    The picture above shows how to remove the drip rail moulding safely using a block of wood and a hammer.

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